4 huge zucchini, divided lengthways

250g Coles Australian No Added Hormones Beef 3 Star Mince

1/2 tbsp Mexican flavoring

400g can kidney beans, washed, depleted

400g can diced tomatoes

1/2 cup (60g) destroyed delicious cheddar

1 medium tomato, finely hacked

Coriander leaves, to serve

Stage 1

Preheat stove to 180┬░C. Utilize a little spoon to eliminate the tissue from the focal point of the zucchini, leaving a 5mm-thick shell. Finely cleave the tissue and hold in a bowl.

Stage 2

Line a heating plate with preparing paper. Splash zucchini shells with olive oil shower and spot cut-side down on the lined plate. Cover with foil. Heat for 15 mins or until simply delicate.

Stage 3

In the mean time, heat an enormous skillet over high warmth. Add the mince and cook, mixing with a wooden spoon to separate any knots, for 5 mins or until the mince changes tone. Add the saved zucchini tissue, Mexican flavoring, kidney beans and tomato. Bring to the bubble. Diminish warmth to medium. Stew for 10 mins or until the sauce thickens marginally. Season.

Stage 4

Turn the zucchini shells cut-side up. Spoon mince combination into each shell and sprinkle with cheddar. Heat for 10 mins or until cheddar softens and is brilliant brown. Sprinkle with tomato and coriander to serve.

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